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What not to DO!

This came from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:

Every year, DEC's Bureaus of Pesticide Management and Law Enforcement receive dozens of complaints regarding the use of mothballs to repel domestic animals and wildlife in urban settings. Label directions state mothballs are to be used in tightly closed containers to kill clothes moths and other fabric pests. Mothballs are not effective in keeping “unwanted visitors” out of vegetable and flower gardens, interior walls of buildings and/or drop ceilings.

Besides, the use of mothballs in any manner other than what is listed on the pesticide label is illegal and dangerous!

Why Should I Be Concerned?

  • Mothball active ingredients are either paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene.

  • The vapors from mothballs are toxic.

  • Incorrect use and long-term exposure may cause health problems, harm children, and contaminate soil, water, and plants

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